April 18, 2014

Write test cases for effective date

Hi Friends,

I am back with one more nice interview question in testing:

Scenario: We have to write test cases for effective date. There is a date say month last date when some amount will debited from user account.
Condition: 1) If month last date is Holiday, then amount will be debited next day.
2) If month last day is weekend, then amount will be debited one day before last date.

Now, be ready and comment with your possible test scenarios.

I want to confirm you that there is a defect which you will catch for sure. Let me show your intelligence and catch the defect. I will comment after sometime with defect to uncover.

Tell me how many maximum test cases you can write on this requirement.

Enjoy your home work :)

1 comment:

shiva prasad said...

Month End is holiday and also weekend, this should be one of the test case

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