April 28, 2014

Defects and its effects on people,environment and company

User is the one who suffer first when there is any defect in product he is using.  But is it only user who suffers?

Let we take an example. There is some defect in invertor battery which make it fume out more smokes as expected.  Now definitely its user who will suffer first with those fumes and it will definitely create health problems as well. But if we think more it is also affecting the environment as well. We can see passively it is affecting other peoples also.

Because of lack of quality it will sooner or later affect the company sale also.  If defect is not fixed it make shut down the company as well. So, dont take any defect just a defect.  But always think hiw it can be dangerous for user or environment or company, then only decide whether we can neglect this defect otherwise fix it.


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