December 10, 2011

What about bugs found in application post delivery at developer/tester end?

Hi Friends,

How are you? It's long time when I am posting this post. Sorry for that actually I was very active on internet due to time constraints. Here I am again with one more experience. Why experience, because I always try to post only that material on my blog which actually I have faced.

I am sure if if any you have worked on a project, where you replaced an existing tester, you have faced this question in your mind, "What about bugs found in application post delivery at developer/tester end?". Definitely this situation sometimes becomes debate, what to do with such bugs.

1) Developer answer will be that the build was tested by tester and it's working fine on live. Client have not reported any issue. So, nothing will be fixed.

2) Tester will force to fix it, because if this issue will be caught by client later any time, he will not blame the tester who have tested it, but to the tester, who is currently testing it.

What I can say, we should talk to team lead for same and at-least should note down the issue as existing known issue and should send the fix to client when developer get chance to work on it. If issue is critical, we should fix the issue and send the build to client telling him the criticality of issue.What you suggests friends, please reply.


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