December 14, 2010

User Acceptance Testing

UAT testing and test cases are generally sub set of system testing. If you have done your system testing faithfully then you need not to worry about UAT, still the functionality and test cases demanded in UAT should pass for maintain your golden customer.

Why we have UAT when we have completed the system testing is a good question.

Actually what so ever we test in Unit testing, Integration testing or System testing, we test it as per software specifications. But UAT is done as per Business requirements, what customer has demanded is most important to test and that's why UAT is done at Customer site.


December 12, 2010

Why we need testing?

Why we need testing?

Is it to find bugs?
Is it to prove that software have issues?

Actually the common need of testing is not only to prove that software have issues or to uncover bugs only. What really testing does is very important question. Let we take an example.

Today laser surgery for removing glasses is very common, but if you have to go for it, how you will be sure that it will OK for you?

Most of us will first want to know that it will not harmful for us. Laser surgery is working fine that has been proved by testing, but it will not have any side effect on your body, who will prove it?

Testing creates the faith of customer in product and that is the true testing. Still it may the case that one product useful for someone may be useless for other. It all depends on users.


December 11, 2010

Different Test Plan

What are the different Test Plan?

A test plan is created at each level of testing.

If we are doing Unit testing then that will be done against Unit test plan.

If we are doing Integration testing then that will be done against Integration test plan.

If we are doing System testing then that will be done against System test plan.

And above all is master test plan that is  created at top level for managing complete testing and test resources for a project.


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