August 12, 2010

State transition test case writing technique


Today We will discuss about "State transition test case writing technique".

Actually When we have to test something we need to write test cases and to to write test cases we need to follow some technique. Most general testing techniques are:

1) Equivalence class partitioning
2) Boundary Value analysis
3) Error Guessing

One more is 'State transition test case writing technique" sometimes known as "Cause and Effect" also.

Let us take an example:

There is a login form having 3 buttons.

1) OK
2) Cancel
3) Forgot Password

So, now on click of these different buttons, state of application changes as per action.

1) On click of "OK", application states changes from "Login page" to "User Account" page.
2) On click of "Cancel", application states changes from "Login Page" to "Home" page.
3) On click of "Forgot Password", application states changes from "Login Page" to "Password Reminder" page.

Hence, we can write and verify out test cases.


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