March 12, 2010

When I completed testing with PayPal


I have posted my earlier posts related to PayPal, because currently I was involved in integration testing of PayPal with my project cart module. I am not explaining here what Issues I got in my application or what was my test cases. But I want to say that when you do test, you can't sure that PayPal is working 100% fine, because no software is 100% bug free :) I am here going to prove same:

1) When I tested PayPal, I tested the reference transaction through PayPal and I am sure what I got is PayPal application issue. I did a transaction in live mode with test card number and as expected, transaction get denied. But when I generated the reference transaction with this transacion, the new transaction was with status "approved". Definately PayPal issue.

2) One another thing to share is card expiry date. In test mode, PayPal does not verify the card expiration date (and it should be), but about in Live mode? I got it, in Live mode also, PayPal was not verifying the card expiration date.

*Disclaimer: Issue reported in point (2), may or may not be issue. It may be customer requirement dependent also. So, I am not 100% sure, after all I am a website tester not the website owner :)



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Nitish said...

Please explain in detail about payment gateway integration testing.


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