March 10, 2010

Testing with test card for order payments


I get a real scenario when we can say that we can't believe on test results using test card numbers. I was doing testing of my application order process module with payment gateway PayPal integration. The test card I used for payment on my test server give me a test pass result for a scenario when user place an order and use Gift card also during checkout, but the same scenario fails when tested with live card. I really disappointed with it. So friends when you do this type of test, I will advice you all to repeat your test with live card on live server. In small companies or even in CMM5 level companies also, generally all test cases are not repeated with live card.

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Srinivas B said...

I would suggest couple of tips.
1) Check with your client, if they can provide any test (real) card, which they can cancel test orders.
2) Using API calls, devs can point test DB servers to prod, so QA can place the orders.

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