January 21, 2010

Test cases for payment gateway

Test cases for payment gateway:

My example is PayPal manager based:-

1) Test with valid card number with valid expiry but invalid CVV.
2) Test with valid card number with invalid expiry but valid CVV.
3) Test with valid card number with invalid expiry and CVV.
4) Test with  valid details of expired/blocked card.
5) Test with valid card number, CVV and expiry date.
6) Test for reference transaction.
7) Test for billing/shipping details in payment manager.
8) Test for back payment to customer.
9) Test for "0" transaction.
10) Test for negative transaction.

January 15, 2010

When testing any application admin/backend module


Whenever you get chance for  testing any web application admin/backend module and there is any option for disabling users, then always test for admin active/disable link.

Either you application should be under control of superadmin user or there should no link to disable admin user.

I have faced it during my project testing and my first case was same and as expected, "Backend Crashed".

Happy Testing.

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