October 12, 2009

Test cases for Lift


Lift are always as per requiremnts. So, It will not better to start with test cases without requirements.

Here I am taking the simplest example of metro rail lift used to get from Ticket floor (TF) to Platform floor (PF). Requirement is passanger should able to use lift to go and come back from Ticket floor to platform floor. Precondition is passanger is on TF.

1) When light is on for the lift and no request has been made to go from TF to PF, button light should Off.
2) When passanger made request for PF, button light should ON.
3) When button light is ON and if lift is available at TF, the door should open.
4) When button light is ON and if lift is not available at TF, the indicator light should indicate the movement of lift from PF to TF.
5) When door opens, it should made a sound.
6) When passanger is in the lift, if passanger press the hold button lift door should not close.
7) If pasanger press the lift close button, it should close immediately otherwise should close automatically after fixed time.
8) If lift fan is ON, and passanger press FAN button it should get OFF or vice versa.
9) Try to call using CALL button to help persons using lift.
10) Now test for overload, if lift is for 10 persons or  100KG weight, try for 11 or 12 persons to use the lift at one time.
11) Lift door should not open when lift is moving, even after pressing lift opening button.
12) Try to use Pass button of the lift to overcome an request.
13) Let lift is at PF, it should not move to TF if no request made at TF and vice versa.
14) Let passanger get in lift from TF anf starts moving to PF, then if other request made to PF, then lift should complete first request first and come back to TF after PF.
15) If electricity get gone, Lift should not make a major jerks and starts working on emergency backup.

Friends, there can be above 100 test cases depending on requirement. I just write the major test cases for simplest lift requirement. Please comment if any query.

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