October 12, 2009

How to interact with the developer about the bug?

How to interact with a developer about the bug is really a gud question that can be asked to any candidate in an interview. Why because, we all as tester reports bug to developers but how many of them get fixed by developers depends on our bug reporting. this is like a stranger ask you about a way and how better we can explain it to that stranger, so that he/she needs not to ask about it to somebody else.

Bug reprting is also like an art. When we say for example login is not working, what developer will fix, he don't know where is the problem? and he will not intrested to see full module code because he can fix the fix the issue by just fixing a function. May be e-mail id is not compared and validated well with DB, and that's why login is not working. So a tester needs to tell and try to define the exact issue in bug report.

Tester should not force the developer to fix an issue, but he should explain the bug in such a way that developer thought it important to fix it.

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