October 14, 2009

Difference between test case and test scenario

Test case is a condition which is executed for expected output with predefined set of steps with known inputs. Generally a test case have

1) Precondition
2) Steps to execute
3) Input data
4) Expected output
5) Status (Pass/Fail)

Test Scenario is set of test cases. What it means, If you have to withdraw money from an ATM machine, then it is a scenario. But to withdraw money, you need to execute many test cases, needs to provide many inputs and you get many outputs and finally your money with receipt of transaction.

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kerala said...

Test Scenario is 'What to be tested' and Test Case is 'How to be tested'.

Vijayaraja said...

there is a gmail login page ,inbox from top right side there is previous/next/older/newer is there

Condition is max 50 mails/page

Date of order.write Test scanario in date of order

Rajesh Shrivastava said...

Test cases are associated with product requirements, based on which developers understand what should be the functionality of the product, where as Test Scenarios are built based on test cases to test a product after its production.

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