September 19, 2009

Test cases for Bulb


Here are the test cases for Bulb:-

1) Check for company logo.
2) Check for wattage marked.
3) Test with wattage plus/minus one, as per capacity of bulb.
4) Test for shape of the bulb.
5) Test for performance of the bulb by leaving it ON for more than 50 hours.
6) Test bulb life.
7) Test performance of bulb power up/down.
8) Test for bulb holder compatibility.
9) Test for bulb filament.
10) Test for holder metal used.


Please comment.


shashidhar y said...

>> Test for quality of glass

>> Check manufactured date

>> Check for standard like ISI

>> Check for company brand

>> Test its weight

shashidhar y said...

11) Test for quality of glass
12) Check manufactured date
13) Check for standard like ISI
14) Check for company brand
15) Test its weight

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