September 26, 2009

Executing the same test case by giving the number of inputs

    Executing the same test case by giving the number of inputs is known as what?

On some sites I found that, it is known as Retesting.  But do you also think so?

I think when we do retesting we reexecute the test case and If we are reexecuting the test case we rarely change the test input. Then how we can say it retesting? Retesting is done after bug fix.

We can't call it Regression testing also, because it is also same like retesting but the objective is different.

I think when we execute the same test case with different test data, then it become different test case with each test data. What you say, please comments.


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Preethi Bijoy said...

I think it can be retesting..
Actually what is retesting?
While executing testcase we got an error, and that will send back to developing team for fixing. Once that fix is finished, we have to test the application again. This is known as Retesting..
So while doing retesting we have to make sure that fixed bug is not reopening in any other scenario again. So we will do execution the same test case (which got error before) by giving the number of other inputs.

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