September 29, 2009

Relation b/w Acceptance testing and Beta testing

Can we relate Acceptance testing and Beta testing?

Answer may be yes, why ?

  Because when we completed the acceptance testing, we release the product for beta testing. Acceptance testing could also be called beta testing (selected users), here they are client and management. Later released for real customers/users.

Am I right? Please comments.

September 26, 2009

Executing the same test case by giving the number of inputs

    Executing the same test case by giving the number of inputs is known as what?

On some sites I found that, it is known as Retesting.  But do you also think so?

I think when we do retesting we reexecute the test case and If we are reexecuting the test case we rarely change the test input. Then how we can say it retesting? Retesting is done after bug fix.

We can't call it Regression testing also, because it is also same like retesting but the objective is different.

I think when we execute the same test case with different test data, then it become different test case with each test data. What you say, please comments.


September 19, 2009

Test cases for Bulb


Here are the test cases for Bulb:-

1) Check for company logo.
2) Check for wattage marked.
3) Test with wattage plus/minus one, as per capacity of bulb.
4) Test for shape of the bulb.
5) Test for performance of the bulb by leaving it ON for more than 50 hours.
6) Test bulb life.
7) Test performance of bulb power up/down.
8) Test for bulb holder compatibility.
9) Test for bulb filament.
10) Test for holder metal used.


Please comment.

September 9, 2009

Test case Writing

Please consider following guidelines when writing test cases for any feature/module:

1) Give preference to functional test cases.
2) Write validation test cases also.
3) Write positive and negative, both type of test cases.
4) Use test case writing techniques (Boundary value analysis, Equivalence class partitioning and Error guessing).
5) Confirm database testing.
6) Confirm UI/Browser compatibility testing.

Please comment if any issue/suggestion.

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