July 1, 2009

Is really automation makes testing error free?

There is a general question in interviews " Automation makes testing error free, what you say?".

Most of us answer this question in "Yes", but reality is different. I know one proverb "A fool with a tool is still a fool".

In the same way, automation does not do anything itself. We are the testers who use the automated tools as per our requirements. Please keep things in mind.

1) Not every test case can be automated.
2) Not every time it's good to opt for automation.
3) Automation results also needs manual bug tracking.
4) Creating a automated script may be easy, but editing is difficult with requirement change.

So, when you face this question in future, think about what's said above and answer then.

Enjoy :)

1 comment:

indumathi said...

Hi jain,

Very nice topic.

"A fool with a tool is still a fool"

This is quite suitable to testers.
keep updating.

All the best....

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