June 16, 2009

Right / Wrong way of bug fix/test


Tester has reported an issue and it has been fixed by respective developer. We retest the issue for bug fix. But how many of us see that, the way of fixing the bug is Right/Wrong?

Almost 99/100 testers ignore it. Take an example. There is an order form where user can apply discount code. If user has not applied it on initial order payment page, it can be applied on final payment page, when user will do full payment after reviewing the product after initial payment. Now company thought to offer free one way shipping of product to the customer. User need to apply the code during partial payment and if fail to do so, user can't apply it on final checkout page. But there was an issue, user was able to get free shipping on final checkout page, by applying this code on initial payment page. Now developer fix this issue by deleting code on final checkout page. Now tell me is this right fix?

Hint:- User should able to apply one discount on one order.

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