June 22, 2009

IBM interview -- Client asked you to complete the testing with in a week

Hi Friends,

This is the question asked by IBM interviewers to one of the candidate.

"Client asked you to complete the testing with in a week, what you do ? how will you approach?"

Let's make a clear discussion on it.

Tell me what you think is the best answer for this question?

1) I will do Adhoc Testing
2) It Can't be tested
3) Depending on project, I will test functionality first. 4) Depends on client requirements
5) Ask for more time to the client

Please comment with your answer.


Testing said...

Ad-hoc testing and smoke testing is beter for early testing

Ravikumar said...

High Priority/High Severity, High Severity/ Low Priority test cases to be executed first and depends on time will test next level test cases

Preethi Bijoy said...

My first option is 4 and next is 3

Linda said...

Firstly I will identify the requirement and defined the scope,proritize the tasks and then to estimate whether the task can be done within a week, if it is impossible to make it done, communicate with the client and reduce the scope and tell him why.

Pujitha Bidudhuri said...

Depends on clients Requirements I will test, I will give high priority to functionality test

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