June 30, 2009

Usability Testing

Usability testing is conducted to check with the user-friendlyness of the application.When does usability testing, test for

1. Font size and face of the text in the application
2. Grouping of objects
3. Caps for initial letters
4. Borders
5. Resolution of screens
6. Help Text
7. Processing time etc.

Use PNG file for screenshot


When we do testing and found any bug, sometimes we need to take the screen shot of the issue and it is advisable also, to better represent the issue to the developers. But many of us use BMP file to screenshot which makes a bug report heavy in size. Today almost all bug trackers are online and so, it needs to upload and download of screenshots when bug is under process. Please use PNG file for screenshot. You can even convert BMP file into PNG also and then upload PNG version of screenshot and reduce your bug report size.

June 22, 2009

IBM interview -- Client asked you to complete the testing with in a week

Hi Friends,

This is the question asked by IBM interviewers to one of the candidate.

"Client asked you to complete the testing with in a week, what you do ? how will you approach?"

Let's make a clear discussion on it.

Tell me what you think is the best answer for this question?

1) I will do Adhoc Testing
2) It Can't be tested
3) Depending on project, I will test functionality first. 4) Depends on client requirements
5) Ask for more time to the client

Please comment with your answer.

June 16, 2009

Right / Wrong way of bug fix/test


Tester has reported an issue and it has been fixed by respective developer. We retest the issue for bug fix. But how many of us see that, the way of fixing the bug is Right/Wrong?

Almost 99/100 testers ignore it. Take an example. There is an order form where user can apply discount code. If user has not applied it on initial order payment page, it can be applied on final payment page, when user will do full payment after reviewing the product after initial payment. Now company thought to offer free one way shipping of product to the customer. User need to apply the code during partial payment and if fail to do so, user can't apply it on final checkout page. But there was an issue, user was able to get free shipping on final checkout page, by applying this code on initial payment page. Now developer fix this issue by deleting code on final checkout page. Now tell me is this right fix?

Hint:- User should able to apply one discount on one order.

June 8, 2009

Bug Workflow

Bug Workflow

• You find a bug, investigate it, and report it.
• A programmer looks into it and fixes it, decides that a fix will take so long it needs management approval, recommends that
it be deferred (fix it later), or determines (argues) it is not a bug.
• The project manager prioritizes the unfixed bugs and may reassign them.
• The project team (with representatives of the key stakeholder groups) reviews deferred bugs and may reprioritize unfixed
• The test group retests bugs marked as fixed, deferred, or irreproducible and closes them, or adds new information to
them and ask that they be reworked or reconsidered. It turns some of these into appeals to the project team.

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