May 20, 2009

What is most important for a tester?


As a tester everyone does the testing, still we see someone to grow fast in comparison of other testers. Do you know the reason? As per my experience, I learned some points which I want to share with you. I have title it "What is most important for a tester?" in respect to be better to other tester.

1) Team lead qualities:- A and B are two testers working for a company now company is planning for a better test management. Definitely there will be a question, to whom we should give more responsibilities, and sure, the one have the team leading qualities will win.

2) Flexible with time and projects:- A tester should be flexible with time and project. In my work, I always found that as a tester sometime we have no work for whole day, but get work in last minute. What a tester should do now? He/she can test it on next day, or he /she test it on the same day. I am leaving it to you, you think, what you should do?

3) Should suggestive:- A good tester not only test an application, but always suggest what he/she think is good for the project. In today market, what I feel is that a tester should not only always tried to break the software, but sometimes should think to build it too. Build it by your suggestions. Definitely developers have to code and then you will test it, then break it :)

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