May 27, 2009

Preparation of the test cases without the documents


It's the general problem a small and middle companies face for their projects. Why they face such situations because their aim is to get projects. They generally follow no process for software development or one more reason is the client has freelancing the project when it was in starting phases, but as his business grow he want to add more and more features and so, outsourced the project to a company, not to freelancers. But anyway, such projects becomes challenging for developers and as well testers.

As per your query for "
Preparation of the test cases without the documents", it will depends on your knowledge about the project. Explore each and every module, and just start documented each test case you have implemented. For expected result column, you will write what you are getting right now (means software output in production state), If your client will really review the document, He can point out the mistakes in "Expected Result". And this is what your client needs to compromise.

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Karande, Reema <> wrote:

Hi ,

Myself (Reema Karande) always goes through your site of software Testing and found it very useful for all of the testers like us .So wanted to ask the query regarding the Test case Preparation.
Actually we are working for our UK client and we want to prepare the system test cases for the application .But the problem we are facing is the application is not having the functional specs nor it is having the LLD, high level scenarios. Also the client is not having the Requirement Specs with them. Only they have is the application and the code for the application.
So can you please suggest us that how to proceed for the Preparation of the test cases without the documents.
Thanks & Regards

Reema Karande | Syntel Inc. | Pune
Software Tester, DBU

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