April 9, 2009

Why testing should be independent?

When software is tested internally, the internal QA team often operates within the boundaries of the company's process and knowledge base. Sometimes forced to hide some issues from the client because of time deadlines.

Also in most of the companies, development and QA teams report to the same project manager. In some cases or we can say in small companies, a senior developer works as project manager also and tester have to report him. Hence the freedom of testing is distorted.
So, When doing testing, the aim should be to find the defects without any bias. Always try to mimic the end users to the extent possible.so, testing should be independent.


Alan said...
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Jason said...

I completely agree with you. Internal software testing at times do come up with biased opinions. And this is most undesirable in case of software testing. But, exploratory testing can enable the tester to test with a broader perspective. Exploratory testing will help us be a lot more flexible.

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