April 30, 2009

How you can manage you testing work?

How you can manage you testing work?

1) Always look first for ticket assigned to you in bug tracking when power on your computer.

2) If any issue has been fixed and you have time or less tickets assigned to you for testing, always do regression testing of features you think bug fix may affect.

3) Work today and plan for tomorrow work. Always be eager for what you will going to be test tomorrow. Communicate with developers/seniors.

4) Still have no work (It should not be case), do as much regression testing as you can do.

Code Inspection

Which of the statements below are true of code inspections?
1) A code inspection is held for reused code.
2) A code inspection is held for new code. 3) A code inspection is held after the first compilation. 4) A code inspection is held after the first error-free compilation.
Answer:- 2&4

April 29, 2009

Testing and Screen capturing/recording tools


As a tester we always feel how to make a bug description as simple as possible so that developers can understand it, but sometimes we fail.

I have read one proverb "A picture speaks equals thousands word". Same rule apply when reporting any bug/issue. Make it habbit to use screen shots of application where you found the issue. Screen capturing tools can help you for it. I will suggest you SnagIt screen capturing tool, I love it from the day one, I use it.

April 9, 2009

Why testing should be independent?

When software is tested internally, the internal QA team often operates within the boundaries of the company's process and knowledge base. Sometimes forced to hide some issues from the client because of time deadlines.

Also in most of the companies, development and QA teams report to the same project manager. In some cases or we can say in small companies, a senior developer works as project manager also and tester have to report him. Hence the freedom of testing is distorted.
So, When doing testing, the aim should be to find the defects without any bias. Always try to mimic the end users to the extent possible.so, testing should be independent.

April 6, 2009

Common Questions - Uncommon answers

(1) Developer:- We test when we code, what you do?
Tester:- We test then you code it right.

(2) Developer:- We are here for client satisfaction.
Tester:- We are here for customer satisfaction.

(3) Developer:- We applies the logic.
Tester:- We applies the mind ;)

(4) Developer:- We works in night.
Tester:- We works in light ;)

(5) Developers:- It's easy to report issue but difficult to fix it.
Tester:- Then why are you doing development, do testing.
Developer:- No answer.

More to come... enjoy...

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