March 27, 2009

When no issue found in testing and working for client


I think about a condition when a tester is working for a client (project based tester) and sending daily report to the client. Then one day, he/she do the testing but found no issue. What he/she will write in report?

case1 : Write the name of the module tested.

But if he/she will do it and report no issue, how client will be satisfied? He may think that tester is not good or how is it possible that no issue found?

case2 : Try to post some suggestion as issue or can do tweaks with software.

But is it really good for a tester. It should be a part of the testing, not the objective of the testing. But as per tester point of view, he/she have to save his/her job by reporting issues. Because number of issues reported is what is counted as tester performance.

What other testers thinks about it? Please comment...

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Senthilnathan said...

I came across this situation many times " No issue found", All the test cases has been sucessfully passed. .. I used to think why i did not find any issue ?.. am i missed something..or Really no issse were there in the product? its triggered lot of question to me. Some times custumer would find issue from my tested module and some times 'Really No issue" .

Its all really depend on many factors.
1) execute all test cases
2) Environment problem
3) Do more exploartory test ( U cannot find issue if you execute written test cases only)
4) Time factor ( They want to finish it immeditely, so we will be try to execute only the postive TC.)


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