March 30, 2009

Testing experience helped me in real life


I have a number lock. I locked it in one of my bag with luggage and forget to change numbers. But small kids in my home was more active and they have changed it with new number unknowingly ;). Now it was a problem for me to solve this logical problem as kids don't know what's the new number.

Ca you guess the solution as a tester? It's like to uncover that number with which you can open the lock. For your information the lock is 3 digit lock and kids have changed only one number as I got it known later when solve this problem. What will be your minimum number of test cases and how will you solve it. please comment or ask for solution I used for it.


Thirunavukarasu said...


I am tirru from chennai. i eagerly want to know answer for your query. can you tell me with detail explain

Senthilnathan said...


As you told you know two numbers, Here are the oprions
1) Keep that two numbers as constant and try with last numbers with (0-9).

If you don't know which one is known 1, 2,3 numbers
2) Try with 1,2 numbers as constant
Try with 1,3 numbers as constant
Try with 2,3 numbers as constant
Map with pairwise test cases and eliminate the repeated combination.

If this is not the correct way,Please share us the best possible test cases.


Shashi said...


1) Keep the first two number as constant and role the third number to open
2) Keep the last two number as constant and role the firts number to open
3) Keep the first and last number as constant and role the secong number to open.

madhavi said...


I thing u have used boundary value analysis for this issue.

As u know the old number u have tested with boundary condition of the 3 numbers.


please correct me if my analysis is wrong.

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