March 30, 2009

Testing experience helped me in real life


I have a number lock. I locked it in one of my bag with luggage and forget to change numbers. But small kids in my home was more active and they have changed it with new number unknowingly ;). Now it was a problem for me to solve this logical problem as kids don't know what's the new number.

Ca you guess the solution as a tester? It's like to uncover that number with which you can open the lock. For your information the lock is 3 digit lock and kids have changed only one number as I got it known later when solve this problem. What will be your minimum number of test cases and how will you solve it. please comment or ask for solution I used for it.

March 27, 2009

When no issue found in testing and working for client


I think about a condition when a tester is working for a client (project based tester) and sending daily report to the client. Then one day, he/she do the testing but found no issue. What he/she will write in report?

case1 : Write the name of the module tested.

But if he/she will do it and report no issue, how client will be satisfied? He may think that tester is not good or how is it possible that no issue found?

case2 : Try to post some suggestion as issue or can do tweaks with software.

But is it really good for a tester. It should be a part of the testing, not the objective of the testing. But as per tester point of view, he/she have to save his/her job by reporting issues. Because number of issues reported is what is counted as tester performance.

What other testers thinks about it? Please comment...

March 25, 2009

Is certified software testers are any better than uncertified testers?

Is certified software testers are any better than uncertified testers?

I don't think so. I think no value in software testing certifications. I think they're marketing tricks to increase training revenues. Certification preparation class always demands much-2 more money i comparison of non-certification classes, and the ISTQB test fee is an example. If you have to learn testing, it may cost 5k Indian rupees but if you have to be certified in testing you know how much you have to pay?
I've ignored all testing certifications and continue ignoring them in the future. If you are going for QTP certification, then it's good, because creator of QTP is certifying you about that you have minimum knowledge required to work on QTP, but it doesn't mean that are a QTP expert.

Please reply with your comments.

March 23, 2009

Can a test Case should be run more than one time per Build or not ?

Can a test Case should be run more than one time per Build or not ?

In general it has answer No, because per build we need to execute a single test case one time only and re-executed again in next build. But for a website, this has answer Yes, why? Because in web projects, we have one testing called "Browser compatibility testing" , as you all know, we have to test our web project in all leading browsers, it mean we have to execute each test again when we will test it in different browsers.

Correct me if I am wrong...

March 20, 2009

What is A/B testing?


Have you ever heard about A/B testing?

A/B testing is like an experiment in which when we have to replace some existing feature with new one, then we show it to customer randomly and track the success and user friendliness of the new one. We compare both, it's like comparison test also but used by actual users.

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