February 4, 2009

Which is more challenging in testing?


Please give your views on "Which is more challenging in testing?" :-

1) Running the test cases and then uncover the issues? OR

2) You know the issue and you have to write test case to uncover that issue?

As per my experience, second one is more challenging.


bjosman said...

Just a question - why would you spend time writing a test case when you've already discovered the issue? Of course this needs to be taken in context...if you're talking about building a script for regression or automation then i can see were you may be coming from. In my experience, if i've discovered an issue during system test for example, then my documentation on that issue would consist of a bug report(s), screenshots or a movie file or a mix of these. This would show what i found and how the issue unfolded (critical conditions)and what the resolution was (i'm assuming here that by 'issue' you mean bug or defect - please correct me if i'm wrong.)I wouldn't necessarily write a test case for it BUT it the issue would be recorded somewhere (e.g. bug tracking software).

Brijesh said...

Hi Bjosman,

Nice to see your comment. As you have asked " Why would you spend time writing a test case when you've already discovered the issue?".

Definitely we will not spend time in writing test case if we have discovered the issue. But what for those issue which are reported by customer and support? They will shout with issue but don't know why it is? you have to reproduce it and only way to reproduce it is think for new test cases which you have not run yet. I think you got your answer. Still have any query, please comment.


sri said...

As per brijesh comment,I recollected the issues which i have come across when i was testing a desktop application.I have worked from its start version to till date one.Also i have assissted the tech support people in answering their issues which are not tested.During upgradation the data should also added in the upgradation version,this v have focused but we did not cover the issue which is related to document count.Only when the tech support people raise this issue we were able to cover that.As per my experienc second one is the most challenging in testing.

Shubhra said...

Well, I think its the first scenario thats more challenging.
In second case, you already know teh exact functionality of the application thats not working. Its simple to write test case on it.
But in first scenario, you have to widen your thoughts, think of the different scenarios which might lead to the failure of the functionality b'coz you have no clue where the application could be deviating from its desired behavior.....isint'it?

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