November 5, 2009

Real Testing - Real Experience(2)


Another one real experience shared.

Definitely you all have tested registration/login module, if you have tested any web application. How many of you have tested the "login redirection" when user is already logged in, from login page?

Always test it and it should redirected.


Friends, why don't you share your such experience as comments for this post? I hope you will, please comment.

November 4, 2009

Real Testing - Real Experience


    Sometimes candidates are asked for some real time bugs you face when did testing of your project. So, here I am giving you an example that you can use as a test case also as well as your answer for the interviewer question.
  When testing terms and condition page, usually there should be a "print" button/link to print terms and conditions agreement. Always test it with printer. As a real time tester, you may get the error that instead of printing "Terms and conditions" content, you may get print of web page. I have faced this issue.

  Friends, why don't you share your such experience as comments for this post? I hope you will, please comment.

October 30, 2009

Bug of the Month

   'Known Software Bug' Disrupts Brain-Tumor Zapping: The maker of a life-saving radiation therapy device has patched a software bug that could cause the system's emergency stop button to fail to stop, following an incident at a Cleveland hospital in which medical staff had to physically pull a patient from the maw of the machine. (Thanks to Wired)


October 28, 2009

How and Why to Clear Your Cache?

Often referred to as the cache, the Temporary Internet Files folder contains a kind of travel record of the items you have seen, heard, or downloaded from the Web, including images, sounds, Web pages, even cookies. Typically these items are stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder.

Storing these files in your cache can make browsing the Web faster because it usually takes your computer less time to display a Web page when it can call up some of the page's elements or even the entire page from your local Temporary Internet Files folder.

You can adjust your Internet Explorer 6 settings to automatically clear the cache whenever you close Internet Explorer 6. Go to the Tools menu, and click Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab. In the "Settings" box, scroll down to the section labeled "Security," and click to check the box next to the "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed" option. Click OK to finish. This option does not delete cookies, but it will clear your cache of other files when you close your browser.

If you tend to go online a lot and have ample space on your computer, you might want to increase the size of your Temporary Internet Files folder. Why? Because Internet Explorer 6 will read already-viewed files from the cache first rather than take the time to download the same page from the Web, thus saving you time and money.On the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click the Settings button. This will open the Settings box.In the Settings box, under Amount of disk space to use, you can slide the bar to the right to increase the amount of disk space used by your Temporary Internet Files folder.

While it's true that the more files you can load from your hard disk, the faster your browsing speed, it's also true that those pages on the Web might have changed since being stored on your computer. You might not want to miss fresh content just to save a little time. Fortunately, in addition to the size of the cache, you can also customize how often Internet Explorer 6 checks the Web for updated content.In the Settings box, there are four ways to check for newer versions of pages that are stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder:
•Every visit to the page: You're assured of the most current content, but it's slower to browse previously viewed pages.
•Every time you start Internet Explorer 6: On your first visit to a page, Internet Explorer 6 will check for new information, but not on subsequent visits in the same browsing session.
•Automatically: Internet Explorer 6 will check automatically for any new content.
•Never: This option is fastest, but you could be viewing old content from the cache. To refresh the page, press the F5 button on your keyboard—this will connect you to the page on the Web and download new information to the Temporary Internet files folder.

objective questions with answer

(1) Which of the following is not one of the techniques to find defects
a) Operational Techniques
b) Functional Techniques
c) Dynamic Techniques
d) Static Techniques

Ans: a

(2) Quality Assurance methods are usually considered
a) Detective
b) Corrective
c) Preventive
d) Proactive

Ans: c

(3) Who has the primary responsibility of setting the quality culture in the organization?
a) Senior Management
b) The Training Dept
c) The Quality Dept
d) Nobody

Ans: c

October 27, 2009

What is a GUI Prototype?

   A GUI (Graphical User Interface) prototype is nothing but an initial design built during the Design Phase. It may be a small program consisting of just the main screens (functions are not implemented only how it would appear is done, "Back", "Next" , "Submit" etc buttons may work for navigation purpose only). After the client approval of the screens (the GUI) they are finalized. Then starts the actual coding phase. Prototype may be in different language or using some tools. It is developed for fast understanding of application.

October 16, 2009

Is accessibility testing different from GUI testing ?


Accessibility testing is different from GUI testing.

GUI testing: Test for Graphical user interface. How site looks? Test for site design in all browsers, design should not corrupts.

Accessibility testing: Test for how site is usable for partial or complete disabled persons. For example: if a user has eye problem, weak sight. Then is there any hearing feature for  words displayed on site.

I think now difference is crystal clear. Any question, please comment.

October 14, 2009

Difference between test case and test scenario

Test case is a condition which is executed for expected output with predefined set of steps with known inputs. Generally a test case have

1) Precondition
2) Steps to execute
3) Input data
4) Expected output
5) Status (Pass/Fail)

Test Scenario is set of test cases. What it means, If you have to withdraw money from an ATM machine, then it is a scenario. But to withdraw money, you need to execute many test cases, needs to provide many inputs and you get many outputs and finally your money with receipt of transaction.

Any query, please comment.

October 13, 2009

How to log a defect?

How to log a defect?

I have used 4 defect/bug tracking tools which are:

1) Microsoft VSTS
2) Bugzilla
3) Mantis
4) Redmine

AS per my experience, what I found common and most valuable thing in bug reporting are:

1) Defect title
2) Defect Summary
3) Defect description ( Steps to reproduce)
4) Severity
5) Screenshot if any.

October 12, 2009

Test cases for Lift


Lift are always as per requiremnts. So, It will not better to start with test cases without requirements.

Here I am taking the simplest example of metro rail lift used to get from Ticket floor (TF) to Platform floor (PF). Requirement is passanger should able to use lift to go and come back from Ticket floor to platform floor. Precondition is passanger is on TF.

1) When light is on for the lift and no request has been made to go from TF to PF, button light should Off.
2) When passanger made request for PF, button light should ON.
3) When button light is ON and if lift is available at TF, the door should open.
4) When button light is ON and if lift is not available at TF, the indicator light should indicate the movement of lift from PF to TF.
5) When door opens, it should made a sound.
6) When passanger is in the lift, if passanger press the hold button lift door should not close.
7) If pasanger press the lift close button, it should close immediately otherwise should close automatically after fixed time.
8) If lift fan is ON, and passanger press FAN button it should get OFF or vice versa.
9) Try to call using CALL button to help persons using lift.
10) Now test for overload, if lift is for 10 persons or  100KG weight, try for 11 or 12 persons to use the lift at one time.
11) Lift door should not open when lift is moving, even after pressing lift opening button.
12) Try to use Pass button of the lift to overcome an request.
13) Let lift is at PF, it should not move to TF if no request made at TF and vice versa.
14) Let passanger get in lift from TF anf starts moving to PF, then if other request made to PF, then lift should complete first request first and come back to TF after PF.
15) If electricity get gone, Lift should not make a major jerks and starts working on emergency backup.

Friends, there can be above 100 test cases depending on requirement. I just write the major test cases for simplest lift requirement. Please comment if any query.

How to interact with the developer about the bug?

How to interact with a developer about the bug is really a gud question that can be asked to any candidate in an interview. Why because, we all as tester reports bug to developers but how many of them get fixed by developers depends on our bug reporting. this is like a stranger ask you about a way and how better we can explain it to that stranger, so that he/she needs not to ask about it to somebody else.

Bug reprting is also like an art. When we say for example login is not working, what developer will fix, he don't know where is the problem? and he will not intrested to see full module code because he can fix the fix the issue by just fixing a function. May be e-mail id is not compared and validated well with DB, and that's why login is not working. So a tester needs to tell and try to define the exact issue in bug report.

Tester should not force the developer to fix an issue, but he should explain the bug in such a way that developer thought it important to fix it.

For any query, please comment.

September 29, 2009

Relation b/w Acceptance testing and Beta testing

Can we relate Acceptance testing and Beta testing?

Answer may be yes, why ?

  Because when we completed the acceptance testing, we release the product for beta testing. Acceptance testing could also be called beta testing (selected users), here they are client and management. Later released for real customers/users.

Am I right? Please comments.

September 26, 2009

Executing the same test case by giving the number of inputs

    Executing the same test case by giving the number of inputs is known as what?

On some sites I found that, it is known as Retesting.  But do you also think so?

I think when we do retesting we reexecute the test case and If we are reexecuting the test case we rarely change the test input. Then how we can say it retesting? Retesting is done after bug fix.

We can't call it Regression testing also, because it is also same like retesting but the objective is different.

I think when we execute the same test case with different test data, then it become different test case with each test data. What you say, please comments.


September 19, 2009

Test cases for Bulb


Here are the test cases for Bulb:-

1) Check for company logo.
2) Check for wattage marked.
3) Test with wattage plus/minus one, as per capacity of bulb.
4) Test for shape of the bulb.
5) Test for performance of the bulb by leaving it ON for more than 50 hours.
6) Test bulb life.
7) Test performance of bulb power up/down.
8) Test for bulb holder compatibility.
9) Test for bulb filament.
10) Test for holder metal used.


Please comment.

September 9, 2009

Test case Writing

Please consider following guidelines when writing test cases for any feature/module:

1) Give preference to functional test cases.
2) Write validation test cases also.
3) Write positive and negative, both type of test cases.
4) Use test case writing techniques (Boundary value analysis, Equivalence class partitioning and Error guessing).
5) Confirm database testing.
6) Confirm UI/Browser compatibility testing.

Please comment if any issue/suggestion.

July 8, 2009

Not just tester, Be a hacker also

In today complex web envoronment. If you are testing a website or a web product. Don't be a tester only but be a hacker also. Testing alone is not sufficient to say that we are secure. It may be the case that our site is working fine as customer expected. But it should also work as we expected, as client expected. What about a gun if anyone can shot it, but it's yours? If it is yours, only you should have the right to shot it.

Always test for securities of your websites and best way to do it is try to hack your websites by your own.

July 1, 2009

Is really automation makes testing error free?

There is a general question in interviews " Automation makes testing error free, what you say?".

Most of us answer this question in "Yes", but reality is different. I know one proverb "A fool with a tool is still a fool".

In the same way, automation does not do anything itself. We are the testers who use the automated tools as per our requirements. Please keep things in mind.

1) Not every test case can be automated.
2) Not every time it's good to opt for automation.
3) Automation results also needs manual bug tracking.
4) Creating a automated script may be easy, but editing is difficult with requirement change.

So, when you face this question in future, think about what's said above and answer then.

Enjoy :)

June 30, 2009

Usability Testing

Usability testing is conducted to check with the user-friendlyness of the application.When does usability testing, test for

1. Font size and face of the text in the application
2. Grouping of objects
3. Caps for initial letters
4. Borders
5. Resolution of screens
6. Help Text
7. Processing time etc.

Use PNG file for screenshot


When we do testing and found any bug, sometimes we need to take the screen shot of the issue and it is advisable also, to better represent the issue to the developers. But many of us use BMP file to screenshot which makes a bug report heavy in size. Today almost all bug trackers are online and so, it needs to upload and download of screenshots when bug is under process. Please use PNG file for screenshot. You can even convert BMP file into PNG also and then upload PNG version of screenshot and reduce your bug report size.

June 22, 2009

IBM interview -- Client asked you to complete the testing with in a week

Hi Friends,

This is the question asked by IBM interviewers to one of the candidate.

"Client asked you to complete the testing with in a week, what you do ? how will you approach?"

Let's make a clear discussion on it.

Tell me what you think is the best answer for this question?

1) I will do Adhoc Testing
2) It Can't be tested
3) Depending on project, I will test functionality first. 4) Depends on client requirements
5) Ask for more time to the client

Please comment with your answer.

June 16, 2009

Right / Wrong way of bug fix/test


Tester has reported an issue and it has been fixed by respective developer. We retest the issue for bug fix. But how many of us see that, the way of fixing the bug is Right/Wrong?

Almost 99/100 testers ignore it. Take an example. There is an order form where user can apply discount code. If user has not applied it on initial order payment page, it can be applied on final payment page, when user will do full payment after reviewing the product after initial payment. Now company thought to offer free one way shipping of product to the customer. User need to apply the code during partial payment and if fail to do so, user can't apply it on final checkout page. But there was an issue, user was able to get free shipping on final checkout page, by applying this code on initial payment page. Now developer fix this issue by deleting code on final checkout page. Now tell me is this right fix?

Hint:- User should able to apply one discount on one order.

June 8, 2009

Bug Workflow

Bug Workflow

• You find a bug, investigate it, and report it.
• A programmer looks into it and fixes it, decides that a fix will take so long it needs management approval, recommends that
it be deferred (fix it later), or determines (argues) it is not a bug.
• The project manager prioritizes the unfixed bugs and may reassign them.
• The project team (with representatives of the key stakeholder groups) reviews deferred bugs and may reprioritize unfixed
• The test group retests bugs marked as fixed, deferred, or irreproducible and closes them, or adds new information to
them and ask that they be reworked or reconsidered. It turns some of these into appeals to the project team.

May 27, 2009

Preparation of the test cases without the documents


It's the general problem a small and middle companies face for their projects. Why they face such situations because their aim is to get projects. They generally follow no process for software development or one more reason is the client has freelancing the project when it was in starting phases, but as his business grow he want to add more and more features and so, outsourced the project to a company, not to freelancers. But anyway, such projects becomes challenging for developers and as well testers.

As per your query for "
Preparation of the test cases without the documents", it will depends on your knowledge about the project. Explore each and every module, and just start documented each test case you have implemented. For expected result column, you will write what you are getting right now (means software output in production state), If your client will really review the document, He can point out the mistakes in "Expected Result". And this is what your client needs to compromise.

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Karande, Reema <> wrote:

Hi ,

Myself (Reema Karande) always goes through your site of software Testing and found it very useful for all of the testers like us .So wanted to ask the query regarding the Test case Preparation.
Actually we are working for our UK client and we want to prepare the system test cases for the application .But the problem we are facing is the application is not having the functional specs nor it is having the LLD, high level scenarios. Also the client is not having the Requirement Specs with them. Only they have is the application and the code for the application.
So can you please suggest us that how to proceed for the Preparation of the test cases without the documents.
Thanks & Regards

Reema Karande | Syntel Inc. | Pune
Software Tester, DBU

May 20, 2009

Re: HI


Integration testing is to test communication between two or more modules. For a website it can be data flow between two pages etc. In real time you always do the integration testing, but you don't know, how really you are doing it. If any time you you have tested the login form, you have seen that when you enter wrong username and password, you got error message, and if information is correct, you get logged in. It is nothing but integration testing.

On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 10:54 AM, ami desai <> wrote:
Hi ,
I am a subscriber of your Manual Testing Bolg.
If you can help me out with following points, its urgent.
-- How integration Testing can be performed in real time.
Waiting for your reply, ASAP.
Ami Desai

What is most important for a tester?


As a tester everyone does the testing, still we see someone to grow fast in comparison of other testers. Do you know the reason? As per my experience, I learned some points which I want to share with you. I have title it "What is most important for a tester?" in respect to be better to other tester.

1) Team lead qualities:- A and B are two testers working for a company now company is planning for a better test management. Definitely there will be a question, to whom we should give more responsibilities, and sure, the one have the team leading qualities will win.

2) Flexible with time and projects:- A tester should be flexible with time and project. In my work, I always found that as a tester sometime we have no work for whole day, but get work in last minute. What a tester should do now? He/she can test it on next day, or he /she test it on the same day. I am leaving it to you, you think, what you should do?

3) Should suggestive:- A good tester not only test an application, but always suggest what he/she think is good for the project. In today market, what I feel is that a tester should not only always tried to break the software, but sometimes should think to build it too. Build it by your suggestions. Definitely developers have to code and then you will test it, then break it :)

May 19, 2009

OpenWebLoad - Very simple tool to test performance of the websites


Very simple tool to test performance of the websites. No need for installation of the tool. Just download and copy on HDD.

OpenWebLoad is (currently) a commandline tool, that you execute from a prompt like this:

c:\ openload 10

where, is the site for testing.
10- no. of clients.

visit for more help and details.

Enjoy :)

May 15, 2009

Really cool Testing tool


Really cool tool selenium. Visit for introduction.

Selenium is an open source tool for web application testing. This tool is primarily developed in Java Script and browser technologies and hence supports all the major browsers on all the platforms. For example, you can have your automation scripts written for Firefox on Windows and run them on Firefox in Mac. Most of the time, you will not need to change your scripts for them to work on Mac. In terms of coverage for platform and browser, Selenium is probably one of the best tool available in the market for web applications. There are three variants of Selenium, which can be used in isolation or in combination to create complete automation suite for your web applications.
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Core
  • Selenium Remote Control tool.
Install Firefox add-on for this tool and enjoy.

April 30, 2009

How you can manage you testing work?

How you can manage you testing work?

1) Always look first for ticket assigned to you in bug tracking when power on your computer.

2) If any issue has been fixed and you have time or less tickets assigned to you for testing, always do regression testing of features you think bug fix may affect.

3) Work today and plan for tomorrow work. Always be eager for what you will going to be test tomorrow. Communicate with developers/seniors.

4) Still have no work (It should not be case), do as much regression testing as you can do.

Code Inspection

Which of the statements below are true of code inspections?
1) A code inspection is held for reused code.
2) A code inspection is held for new code. 3) A code inspection is held after the first compilation. 4) A code inspection is held after the first error-free compilation.
Answer:- 2&4

April 29, 2009

Testing and Screen capturing/recording tools


As a tester we always feel how to make a bug description as simple as possible so that developers can understand it, but sometimes we fail.

I have read one proverb "A picture speaks equals thousands word". Same rule apply when reporting any bug/issue. Make it habbit to use screen shots of application where you found the issue. Screen capturing tools can help you for it. I will suggest you SnagIt screen capturing tool, I love it from the day one, I use it.

April 9, 2009

Why testing should be independent?

When software is tested internally, the internal QA team often operates within the boundaries of the company's process and knowledge base. Sometimes forced to hide some issues from the client because of time deadlines.

Also in most of the companies, development and QA teams report to the same project manager. In some cases or we can say in small companies, a senior developer works as project manager also and tester have to report him. Hence the freedom of testing is distorted.
So, When doing testing, the aim should be to find the defects without any bias. Always try to mimic the end users to the extent, testing should be independent.

April 6, 2009

Common Questions - Uncommon answers

(1) Developer:- We test when we code, what you do?
Tester:- We test then you code it right.

(2) Developer:- We are here for client satisfaction.
Tester:- We are here for customer satisfaction.

(3) Developer:- We applies the logic.
Tester:- We applies the mind ;)

(4) Developer:- We works in night.
Tester:- We works in light ;)

(5) Developers:- It's easy to report issue but difficult to fix it.
Tester:- Then why are you doing development, do testing.
Developer:- No answer.

More to come... enjoy...

March 30, 2009

Testing experience helped me in real life


I have a number lock. I locked it in one of my bag with luggage and forget to change numbers. But small kids in my home was more active and they have changed it with new number unknowingly ;). Now it was a problem for me to solve this logical problem as kids don't know what's the new number.

Ca you guess the solution as a tester? It's like to uncover that number with which you can open the lock. For your information the lock is 3 digit lock and kids have changed only one number as I got it known later when solve this problem. What will be your minimum number of test cases and how will you solve it. please comment or ask for solution I used for it.

March 27, 2009

When no issue found in testing and working for client


I think about a condition when a tester is working for a client (project based tester) and sending daily report to the client. Then one day, he/she do the testing but found no issue. What he/she will write in report?

case1 : Write the name of the module tested.

But if he/she will do it and report no issue, how client will be satisfied? He may think that tester is not good or how is it possible that no issue found?

case2 : Try to post some suggestion as issue or can do tweaks with software.

But is it really good for a tester. It should be a part of the testing, not the objective of the testing. But as per tester point of view, he/she have to save his/her job by reporting issues. Because number of issues reported is what is counted as tester performance.

What other testers thinks about it? Please comment...

March 25, 2009

Is certified software testers are any better than uncertified testers?

Is certified software testers are any better than uncertified testers?

I don't think so. I think no value in software testing certifications. I think they're marketing tricks to increase training revenues. Certification preparation class always demands much-2 more money i comparison of non-certification classes, and the ISTQB test fee is an example. If you have to learn testing, it may cost 5k Indian rupees but if you have to be certified in testing you know how much you have to pay?
I've ignored all testing certifications and continue ignoring them in the future. If you are going for QTP certification, then it's good, because creator of QTP is certifying you about that you have minimum knowledge required to work on QTP, but it doesn't mean that are a QTP expert.

Please reply with your comments.

March 23, 2009

Can a test Case should be run more than one time per Build or not ?

Can a test Case should be run more than one time per Build or not ?

In general it has answer No, because per build we need to execute a single test case one time only and re-executed again in next build. But for a website, this has answer Yes, why? Because in web projects, we have one testing called "Browser compatibility testing" , as you all know, we have to test our web project in all leading browsers, it mean we have to execute each test again when we will test it in different browsers.

Correct me if I am wrong...

March 20, 2009

What is A/B testing?


Have you ever heard about A/B testing?

A/B testing is like an experiment in which when we have to replace some existing feature with new one, then we show it to customer randomly and track the success and user friendliness of the new one. We compare both, it's like comparison test also but used by actual users.

February 4, 2009

Which is more challenging in testing?


Please give your views on "Which is more challenging in testing?" :-

1) Running the test cases and then uncover the issues? OR

2) You know the issue and you have to write test case to uncover that issue?

As per my experience, second one is more challenging.

January 7, 2009

Integration and Integration Testing

Integration and Integration Testing, most discussed level of testing. Features get pass when tested individually but fail when tested together.

Integration is a process by which components are aggregated to create larger components. Integration testing is testing done to show that even though the components were individually satisfactory, as demonstrated by successful passage of component tests, the combination of components are incorrect or inconsistent. For example, components A and B have both passed their component tests. Integration testing is aimed as showing inconsistencies between A and B. Examples of such inconsistencies are improper call or return sequences, inconsistent data validation criteria, and inconsistent handling of data objects.

Testing approach for integration testing can be bottom up integration testing or top town integration testing. But in both case fist unit testing of the component should performed for a bug free feature.

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