October 29, 2008

Manual Performance Testing Limitations

We can test an entire system for performance; manually by constructing an environment where many users work simultaneously on the system. But it has a lot of limitations.

Manual Performance Testing Limitations:-
➤ it is expensive, requiring large amounts of both personnel and machinery
➤ it is complicated, especially coordinating and synchronizing multiple testers
➤ it involves a high degree of organization, especially to record and analyze
results meaningfully
➤ the repeatability of the manual tests is limited

October 15, 2008

When deciding time lines for testing?


When deciding time lines for testing. Please consider a few guidelines when deciding time lines for testing and please mention the scope of testing.

1) Time for feature to test.
2) Time for all browser compatibility testing (If needed).
3) Time for testing the side effects of new implementation (Side effects properly discussed and mentioned by development team in a mail/document).
4) Time for testing on dev1,staging and live server (Time line should mentioned for testing on each server).

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