September 23, 2008

Difference between Level & Types of Software testing

One user asked this question, "In one interview interviewer ask me the level of Software Testing. I read one web site type of software testing are unit testing, black box testing, white box testing, etc. Also in one web site i read level of software testing is unit testing, integration testing, system testing. so it is level & type of software testing is same. If no, then please tell me the difference."
Answer:- Levels of testing and types of testing are not the same things.
**levels of testing depends on process and software development life cycle model followed for software development.
**Types of testing are what we test in a software.

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amita said...

pihuboth r different
type of testing: it's a different ways with which we can find defect in application under test eg: adhoc testing,exploratory testing,prior defect history testing etc .
levels of testing:it depends on software development life cycle as unit testing >> integration testing>>system testing>>user acceptance testing

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