August 4, 2008

Benefits of Certification

  1. Increases Company Reputation
  2. Recognition by IT management for professional achievement
  3. Competency resources to IT staff
  4. Helpful for Marketing with the clients
  5. Increased Confidence in Personal Capabilities
  6. Improved Software Testing Methods, Techniques, and Measurement
  7. Certification gives you a competitive edge for promotion and hiring.
  8. Raises profile of testing in an organization
  9. Able to detect defects those others miss and save your employers and clients from costly and embarrassing field failures.
  10. Knows how to apply sound software testing techniques
  11. Reduced development costs
  12. Increased customer trust and confidence
  13. We understood the software life cycle
  14. Quality of the defect has been increase
  15. Understood the testing terminology
  16. Increase the standard for defect post
  17. Started thinking out of the box
  18. Communication
  19. Testing based on the risk factors
  20. We started concentrating on usability
  21. Started conducting meeting and reviews
  22. Soft skills (e.g. handling the development team)

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