August 12, 2008

Exploratory testing v/s Chess Game

Sometimes we have to follow the process of finding the most important bugs in a short period of time, this is called exploratory testing.

Exploratory testing is like a chess game with a computer. Tester revise his plans after seeing the move of your opponent. Yet all your plans can be changed after one unpredictable move of your opponent. Can you write a detail plan for a chess game with a computer?

Player uses all his knowledge and experience. He can define only the fist move in the game and it is unreasonable to plan far ahead. You can plan 1 move ahead, or 20 moves if you're a very experienced player, but you can't plan the whole game. To plan 20 moves he had to spend a lot of his valuable time (the clock is ticking).

Of course he is trying to find some information about existing situations between moves. This is exactly what an experienced exploratory tester does.

After running any test case, testers may need to find additional information about application and system from a developer, system architect, business analyst, or may be from literature. A lot of information is necessary for correct exploratory testing. Other teams whose products are used for creating the applications have influence on our testing too.


Following are eight basic principles of testing:

1. Define the expected output or result.
2. Don't test your own programs.
3. Inspect the results of each test completely.
4. Include test cases for invalid or unexpected conditions.
5. Test the program to see if it does what it is not supposed to do as well as what it is supposed to do.
6. Avoid disposable test cases unless the program itself is disposable.
7. Do not plan tests assuming that no errors will be found.
8. The probability of locating more errors in any one module is directly proportional to the number of errors already found in that module.

August 8, 2008

Why Traceability Matrix?

The client who had ordered for the product specifies his requirements to the development Team and the process of Software Development gets started. In addition to the requirements specified by the client, the development team may also propose various value added suggestions that could be added on to the software. But maintaining a track of all the requirements specified in the requirement document and checking whether all the requirements have been met by the end product is a cumbersome and a laborious process. But if high priority is not provided to this aspect of Software development cycle, it may result in a lot of confusion and arguments between the development team and the client once the product is built.

The remedy for this problem is the Traceability Matrix.

August 4, 2008

Benefits of Certification

  1. Increases Company Reputation
  2. Recognition by IT management for professional achievement
  3. Competency resources to IT staff
  4. Helpful for Marketing with the clients
  5. Increased Confidence in Personal Capabilities
  6. Improved Software Testing Methods, Techniques, and Measurement
  7. Certification gives you a competitive edge for promotion and hiring.
  8. Raises profile of testing in an organization
  9. Able to detect defects those others miss and save your employers and clients from costly and embarrassing field failures.
  10. Knows how to apply sound software testing techniques
  11. Reduced development costs
  12. Increased customer trust and confidence
  13. We understood the software life cycle
  14. Quality of the defect has been increase
  15. Understood the testing terminology
  16. Increase the standard for defect post
  17. Started thinking out of the box
  18. Communication
  19. Testing based on the risk factors
  20. We started concentrating on usability
  21. Started conducting meeting and reviews
  22. Soft skills (e.g. handling the development team)

August 1, 2008

Solution for Error-27728

If you get the below mentioned Error in Controller:

Action.c (56): Error -27728: Step download timeout (200 seconds) has expired when downloading non-resource(s)


VUser Generator Settings:

Go to Runtime Settings - Preferences - Options - Step download timeout

Increase the seconds which is displayed in “Step download timeout” field and click ok button.

Now compile and Run the script. After running the script create controller scenario for that script

Controller Settings:

Go to Tools - Options - Timeout

In timeout increase the disconnect time and click ok button

Now run the scenario


P.Rajesh Kumar

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