July 16, 2008

Re: Manual Software Testing

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 12:31 AM, Anitha Saraswathi loganathan wrote:
Hi ,
my name is Anitha,
Regards to u.......
u r doing a great job..........
thank u so much for sharing ur knowledge & helping us .
what kind of questions will be asked in practical tests for s/w testing?
cud u reply soon pl..............

Thank you


Hi Anitha Saraswathi loganathan,

Nice to see your mail and for such a loving words. Actually questions depend on company work. In which technology company is working and what they are expecting from the candidate. You have not told me anything about the experience you have in testing. But for freshers the most important is logical thinking and basic knowledge of testing. Questions related to test cases and test plan are the most common questions to be asked by interviewers.

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