July 11, 2008

Re: bugs..its very urgent

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 10:49 PM, keerthika reddy wrote:
Hi ,
This is Keerthika. Your blog is awesome n u r doin a wonderful job dude!!!
I have sum queries reagrdin bugs
what could be the (realtime)bugs you come across in job portal and health care projects in terms of
1. high severity n low priority
2. high severity n high priority
3. low severity n low priority
4. low severity n low priority?
pls its very urgent
thanks in advance n lukin forward for ur reply
once again ur blog explores so much information abt testing n its quite useful 2.

Hi Keerthika,

Nice to see your mail. Thanks for such loving words. As per your question, I will tell you something first.

You should understand "Severity and Priority" first. Read about these terms, try to understand them. You can search and read about them on this blog itself. Why I am suggesting it to you? Because, not me but anyone can't answer your such type of questions. You have to find the solutions yourself, and you will, I am sure about it. I can give you gun, but you have shot it your self in battle.

Give me the description of the bug, you face during testing, I will tell you the severity of that bug to you. Let the priority to decide by your test manager, why to take tensions? :)

You may have live chat with me, If I am online and have time.

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