June 4, 2008

Test according to client requirements or application requirements or company requirements

Hi friends,

So many times I feel that application is behaving wrong and it should not behave like this. But when I raise this question in meeting, every times I got only one answer that "Customer is on the top".

Actually I also feel the same. But If you have client interaction you will get to know that client is not familiar with that issue at all. What you will do at that time. You have to keep your job, but this mean you will not tell the client about the issues, just only test what client says, not to test those test cases, which needed for the application. Think about it, and reply me back, what you think. I got a chance to talk with client, who is very technical, he said me to think logically and act in testing with test to break attitude. But if I do that, sometimes I get unexpected comments from my seniors. In this situation what do you think, what you should do?

Reply your comments, then I will tell you, how to manage this situation.

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Manu said...

Hi Brijesh....

I really appreciate your effort ...keep up.....All the best for you and thanks i really liked your blog a lot and i 'll recommend all my friends in same field to make best of your effort...Warm regards

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