June 25, 2008

Browser-side security risks

Browser-side security risks

1) Sometimes there are active content that crashes the browser. The reason of crashing may be anyone, but that is definitely an issue with our site if working well for others.

2) Sometimes some client side scripts damages the user's system. How is it possible, by installing spyware and viruses through site.

3) Sometimes user's privacy is not maintained. It may be due to bad rogramming or due cookies or something else.

4) If someone has hached your personal information, then the misuse of personal information knowingly or unkowingly provided by the end-user.

It's important to know that "secure" browsers and servers are only designed to protect confidential information against network transfer. Without system security on both browser and server sides, confidential documents are vulnerable to interception.

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Mrs.Logu said...

Hi Brijesh,

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