June 25, 2008

Browser-side security risks

Browser-side security risks

1) Sometimes there are active content that crashes the browser. The reason of crashing may be anyone, but that is definitely an issue with our site if working well for others.

2) Sometimes some client side scripts damages the user's system. How is it possible, by installing spyware and viruses through site.

3) Sometimes user's privacy is not maintained. It may be due to bad rogramming or due cookies or something else.

4) If someone has hached your personal information, then the misuse of personal information knowingly or unkowingly provided by the end-user.

It's important to know that "secure" browsers and servers are only designed to protect confidential information against network transfer. Without system security on both browser and server sides, confidential documents are vulnerable to interception.

June 23, 2008

Re: about release

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 10:49 PM, radha haribabu <bathini.0780@gmail.com> wrote:
What is Release? When will we do this?

Release is a common word having the meaning "prepare and issue for public distribution or sale". So, about which release you are talking about? Final release is definitely for the public/ customer.

But before final release these are always iterative internal releases. In terms of software a tester gets so many build release to test. After alpha testing, they are released for beta testing.

Re: about build

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 10:33 PM, radha haribabu <bathini.0780@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi ,
Are u busy. Sorry to disturb u.
What is build?
How we will get the build?
What we will do after getting the build?
Build is the debugged code ready for testing.

How we will get the build, it depends on type of application and company strength.

Your project manager will always have a task for you with new build or old build, so you never to think about what to do will this new build. You have to think how to work with this new build.

June 20, 2008

System testing interview question

Objective type system testing interview question:-
A test run during System Testing is:
a. Error recovery.
b. Terminal handling.
c. Installation.
d. Keyboard handling

Hi, the answer of the question is (a)- "Error Recovery" testing. why?

To know the reason first you should be familiar with bug and error.

First bug exists in the application and later it becomes error. That later stage is "system integration", that's why system testing is error recovery testing also.

June 16, 2008

Different definitions of "Quality":-

Different definitions of "Quality":-

1) Quality is the faith of customer.
2) Quality refers to achievements or excellence of an product.
3) A specific characteristic of an object defines it's quality.
4) Quality is capacity to do something.
5) A Product is said to be a quality product if it satisfies requirements of the customer.
6) Quality is degree of perfection.
7) Quality is a Fitness for Use.
8) Quality is customer's satisfaction.
9) Quality means fulfilling expectations.
10) Quality means satisfaction within budget.

Re: System test

On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 11:15 PM, xuan thuan wrote:

Question:- Define System test?
1) System test is to verify if the whole system functions in correspondence to the system requirement.

2) System testing is usually performed after all modules, integration and unit testing have been successfully applied.
3) System test technique is normally black box test.

June 9, 2008

HTML validation testing


The first stage of checking a web-site is to make sure that you have valid HTML (or XHTML). This can be done with a HTML validator online or ofline. Your own browser may ignore certain errors, but there is a significant risk that markup errors will result in display problems in some browser or other.

There are sometimes reasons for including invalid HTML. For example some non-standard NOINDEX element, for the benefit of site search engine ranking. But you should only tolerate HTML validation errors if there is a clear need for the non-standard markup, and if you have tested the result in a variety of browsers.

Otherwise there should be no HTML validation errors and should be never, If you site is to work word wide, it should browser independent, with no HTML validation errors. Some online HTML validators are:-



June 6, 2008

Browser compatibility testing

Interview Question:- When I am testing my application with different versions of IE like 6.0 and 7.0, should I execute all the test cases or there are only certain test cases that need to be executed for each browser.

Answer:- As per my experience what is browser dependent, "design and Scripts". If I have written the test cases for client side validations, then I need to re execute all the test cases in both browsers. But if this is work at server side, I will not execute even a single test case again. I need not to worry at all.

Design is always issue for different browsers, so check all pages on different browsers.


SDLC is software development life cycle. SDLC starts even with an idea about new software and exists until software not dies (software never dies, but replaced by updated versions).

SDLC is phases are:-

1) Requirement Analysis
2) Design
3) Coding
4) Testing
5) Deployment
6) Maintenance

STLC is for testing. When testing will starts and when stops. Testing also never ends (it's only management decision on the basis of some milestones).

STLC phases are:-

1) Test Plan
2) Test design Specification 3) Test Case writing
4) Test case verification and execution
5) Test result and reporting
6) Regression and retesting

June 4, 2008

Test according to client requirements or application requirements or company requirements

Hi friends,

So many times I feel that application is behaving wrong and it should not behave like this. But when I raise this question in meeting, every times I got only one answer that "Customer is on the top".

Actually I also feel the same. But If you have client interaction you will get to know that client is not familiar with that issue at all. What you will do at that time. You have to keep your job, but this mean you will not tell the client about the issues, just only test what client says, not to test those test cases, which needed for the application. Think about it, and reply me back, what you think. I got a chance to talk with client, who is very technical, he said me to think logically and act in testing with test to break attitude. But if I do that, sometimes I get unexpected comments from my seniors. In this situation what do you think, what you should do?

Reply your comments, then I will tell you, how to manage this situation.

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