May 3, 2008

Severity and Priority based on technical and business point of view

Severity is how critical the defect is ? How much it is effecting the functionality?

Priority is how quickly we need to fix the bug? how soon the bug should get fixed?

Let me take some example:-

1) If company logo is not properly displayed on your website, It will have high priority to be fixed, whereas it's severity is low. (High priority, Low severity)
2) You are doing online shopping and filled payment info, but after submitting the form, you get message that your order has been canceled.(High priority, High severity)
3) There is a mistake in spelling, like "You have registered success." Instead of successfully, here success is written. (Low priority, Low severity)
4) If we have a typical scenario in which application get crashed, but that scenario exits rarely. (Low priority, High severity)

I hope readers can understand how technical and business views effect priority and severity. Still any question please comment.

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