May 9, 2008

Re: Test scenario for GMT

On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 2:34 PM, priyadarshini patil <> wrote:

This is priya, i want to know that how to write test case for GMT i.e if i m going to watch a video with all my buddies, wherever they r in india or abroad. I want that all we r going to watch video at same time then how to check that the time i have sent is right according to their standard i.e when i m watching here at 2pm then they will be watching at the time when i m watching.

Please reply

Hi priya,

Nice to see your mail. As per your scenario, I can confirm one thing, there will be user profile page in your application, which will store their locality with country name. And if I am not wrong it will changing user time into international standard time in back end. you need to test that thing, that logic should work fine. Send them international standard time to view video, and it should converted to according to their locality, when displayed to user. I hope you are getting my point. More I can tell when i know the application functionality.

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Rajani said...

Hello Mr. Brijesh, How to mail u. plz send me ur mail id. Thank you.

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