May 5, 2008

Integration testing

Integration testing phase comes after unit testing. Sometimes there are very typical interview questions arises on integration testing. For example:-

Integration testing is testing of two or more units in integrated form. We have 2 approaches for integration testing, one in Top down and other is Bottom up. The top-down approach to integration testing requires the highest-level modules be test and integrated first. The bottom-up approach requires the lowest-level units be tested and integrated first. Read one more definition, system testing, testing that attempts to discover defects of the entire system( all integrated units as one system).Now the question is,

Q. We are doing integration testing, and when we will integrate the last unit, what type of testing it is? It is integration testing or System testing, and why?

I am not answering this question right now, First I want to know readers views, then I will answer the question, so starts commenting as your answer of this question, it's really a good question generally asked by interviewers.


radha hari said...

it is integration testing of system testing. Because in system testing only we will integrate all the modules and we will integrate with last unit in system test.

Brijesh said...

If we integrate all modules in system testing, then what we do in integration testing?

radha hari said...

I am not sure about my answer. So please u only tell me the answer.

radha hari said...

can u explain walkthrough, inspection and peer review?

Abdul said...

Its the end of integration testing and start of system testing.!!!

Abdul said...

Its the end of integration testing and start of system testing.!!!

swathi said...

It is system testing as by Integrating last Unit we will get ready the entire system

Reema said...

It is an integration testing ,as we have to integrate the last module yet.Only when all the modules are integrated and then when we test these modules together it becomes the system testing.

Brijesh said...

Nice answer Reema,

Hi, friends,

It is integration testing. Just be logical and good reader and listener also. You will get the answer in my question itself.

please read the question again, and you will notice "We are doing integration testing", then why you got confused?

Anyway enjoy :)

Really nice contribution. Thanks to you all.

Mahi said...

Integration testing tests interfaces between components, interactions with different parts of a system, such as the operating system, file system, hardware, or interfaces between systems.
There may be more than one level of integration testing and it may be carried out on test objects of
varying size. For example:
1. Component integration testing tests the interactions between software components and is done
after component testing;
2. System integration testing tests the interactions between different systems and may be done
after system testing. In this case, the developing organization may control only one side of the
interface, so changes may be destabilizing. Business processes implemented as workflows
may involve a series of systems. Cross-platform issues may be significant.

bobby said...

This concept called incremental integration testing.

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