April 26, 2008

Write 10 test cases for Pen?

1) test for ball or ink pen.
2) test for ink color (blue, red, what)
3) write with pen to see whether it works or not
4) check brand name and logo
5) check for body color
6) check for body material
7) drop pen from a reasonable height
8) check whether it is a click pen, or a pen with cap?
9) check for pen weight
10) check the refill


Himanshu said...

>> Also Check for the grip of the pin.. comfortable or not ?

jagadeeshan said...

Check the writing efficiency of the pen by writing 10 or more pages.

jagadeeshan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prashant T said...

Check for if the pen is leaking or not

vivek s said...

Check PEN is working fine under different weather conditions

Pooja Varshney said...

if it is cap pen then check for head of the pen is properly getting closed

Pooja Shejul said...

To check the nib of pen by writing

Pooja Shejul said...

To check broken point of pen which conditions breakdown the pen

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