April 29, 2008

Web testing and Client Server testing

Difference between Web testing and Client Server testing?

Testing the application in intranet (without browser) is an example for client -server. (The company firewalls for the server are not open to outside world. Outside people cannot access the application). So there will be limited number of people using that application. Client server application :-
--> runs in two or more machines
--> Application is a menu-driven
--> Connected mode (connection exists always until logout)
--> Limited / known number of users
--> Less number of network issues when compared to web app.

Testing an application in internet (using browser) is called web testing. The application which is accessible by numerous numbers around the world (World wide web). Web based application
--> runs in two or more machines
--> URL-driven
-->.Disconnected mode (state less)
--> Unlimited number of users
--> issues like browser compatibility, security issues, performance issues, etc


radha said...

how to prepare test setup and test data manually

radha said...

your post about webtesting and client server testing is very clear

Brijesh said...

Hi radha,

See when we generate test data , it depends on application nature and techniques we used. So, it's not a typical task. Even you can use test data generation tools also to generate test data, if you need huge data.

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