April 29, 2008

Test cases for ATM Machine

1. Machine is accepting ATM card

2. Machine is rejecting expired card

3. successful entry of PIN number

4. unsuccessful operation due to enter wrong PIN number 3 times

5. successful selection of language

6. successful selection of account type

7. unsuccessful operation due to invalid account type

8. successful selection of amount to be withdraw

9. successful withdrawal.

10. Expected message due to amount is greater than day limit

11. unsuccessful withdraw operation due to lack of money in ATM

12. Expected message due to amount to withdraw is greater than possible balance.

13. unsuccessful withdraw operation due to click cancel after insert card


Rashu said...


how would you test a fruit peeler or a notepad , windows desktop apps such as calc,search? How can one put this into different categories of testing like functional, system, UI, stress, regression?

Himanshu said...

>> Check weather proper time limit is there for doing a transaction.

>> Check weather idle time limit is there or not

jagadeeshan said...

-> Check ATM machine is able to print receipts
-> Withdraw amount should be in the multiples of 100

(e.g) Rs.50, Rs.1178 should not be allowed to withdraw

Molly said...

Thanx a lot....hav my S/w Testng papr 2moro...n dis ATM test case question is bound to cum

sakshi verma said...

1.check that its touch screen is working smoothly.
2.should not withdraw money above one day limit of the card.

Maria Jenifer said...

Jenifer Robin
>>> Check whether the amount withdrawn is dispatched within the time.
>>> Check whether the ATM machine does not take back the cash
>>> Check whether if cash not dispatched then cash must not be deducted from the account.

Sivakumar . M said...

check for the online fund transfer using ATM and E- recharge for MOBILES
with in constraints

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