April 28, 2008

Test case review sheet

Test Case Checklist





1. Is each test case numbered and named as per the standards?

2. Is it clear which features or requirements are being executed by the test?

3. Have test case(s) been identified for each test objective/scenario?

4. Have test case (s) been designed for the positive flows in each business scenario?

5. Have test case (s) been designed for the negative flows in each business scenario?

6. Have the test case (s) been designed for all simple boundaries —maximum, minimum, and off-by-one boundaries?

7. Are the test case (s) designed, redundant with any other test case or business scenario

8. Are the test case (s) designed in a flexible manner so that there are minimum rework required in case of change in requirements?

9. Have the test steps been correctly given in appropriate sequence for each test case?

10. Have the Expected Results been identified correctly? (Expected Results should clearly state how the application should respond to the user actions given in each step/action. - Ensure that too many things are not included to be verified under one expected output)

11. Are the pre-requisites described clearly for executing the tests?

12. Are the test cases traceable to a test requirement?

13. Has the test data set, if required been generated appropriately?

14. Are the test cases saved in the repository?

15. Have test cases been developed to exercise all error handling?

16. Have the related areas that could possibly be affected by the implementation of the requirement been identified and covered in the test cases? (Identify the impact areas and check with the test cases)

17. Have the test case (s) been organized in a hierarchical order and saved in the repository?

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