April 29, 2008

Project v/s product testing

Projects are generally targeted to meet a client (fixed customer)requirement. But products are targeted to meet a market (dynamic user) requirement.

Difference in both type of testing can be understand by this example:-

We used to eat food at home, in home made food, we know what we want and what we have made? that is project testing.

But if we have to eat food in market, waiter will tell you the quality of their food, and still we don't know what exactly he is going to serve. This is product testing.


radha hari said...

give one more examples for product and project testing

Brijesh said...

One technical example can be:-

All of us are using Microsoft Windows, Nortan antivirus, Google gmail, these are all products of there companies, and there testing will called product testing. Testing done as per product specification (microsoft specifications).

If a company is making project for client, like Wipro made a banking/ ATM project for Dena bank, testing of this project is called project testig, testing done as per client(Dena Bank) requirements.

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