April 29, 2008

Interview question

Question:- Suppose you press a link in yahoo shopping site which leads to some other company website? How to test if any problem in linking from one site to another site?


1) Check whether the mouse cursor is turning into hand icon or not .

2) Check the link is highlighting when user place the cursor on the link .

3) Expected site is opening or not ?

4) If the site is opening then check is it opening in another window or the same window that the link itself exit (to check user friendliness of the link)

5) How fast that website is opening?

6)Site is opening according to the link or not?

7)All other sub links are opening or not?


Himanshu said...

>> Need to also check weather the site which will open if we click the link, is working ok or not means it should not be broken down.

Himanshu said...

>> Need to check weather the other web site is not moved or broken down or closed down.

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