April 29, 2008

Interview Question

Question:- In customer details form, client raise the change to insert the two radio buttons after customer address. How you can test as a tester ?


1. Conform that radio buttons are present after the customer address.

2. Count no of radio buttons.

3. verify the initial state of the check boxes.

4. Only one should be selectable, not both at one time.

5. Verify radio button label name.

6. verify the alignment of radio buttons in the form.


radha said...

what is test scenario and test procedure

Brijesh said...

Test scenario is set of test cases, need to test business flow.
Like user registration. User registration may be a sigle test case or set of test cases, depends on application.

Test procedure is write test case, review them, execute them and then report bug if any. It is a part of test process.

Test process is making test plan,Test Strategy and order Test Cases for execution.

kaviyarasu said...

I need sample simple SRS with test case

kaviyarasu said...

i need simple SRS with test case for that

kaviyarasu said...

i need simple SRS with test case but u sent interview questions please what i want send me

Debjani said...

I want to add one more testcase regarding radio button...
In the edit mode,check radio button is showing selected correctly

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