April 28, 2008

Difference b/w static and dynamic testing ?

Static testing:-

Static testing is Verification activity.Tester have a checklist to check whether the product is as per the set standards of the organization.These standards can be for Coding, Integrating and Deployment.Review's, Inspection's and Walkthrough's are static testing methodologies.

In static testing code is not run to uncover bugs, but verify by experts to find any flaw.

Dynamic testing:-

Dynamic testing is validation activity.Tester have SRS to check whether the product is as per requirements of the user.Unit Tests, Integration Tests, System Tests and Acceptance Tests are Dynamic Testing methodologies.

In dynamic testing code is executed to find bugs, or to confirm that it's working well.

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EasyPharma said...

Static testing: means testing something which is not running i.e. examining, reviewing etc.
eg. testing car from outside, checking out its color, kicking the tire, looking udner the hood

Dyanamic testing: means testing somthing by running or executing it.
eg. listening to car engine, making ignition on, driving the car

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