April 28, 2008

Difference between sanity and smoke testing

Sanity Testing: Brief test of major functional elements of a piece of software to determine if its basically operational for exhaustive testing. It gives a measure of confidence that the system works as expected prior to a more exhaustive round of testing.

Smoke Testing: Smoke testing is testing whether new features or functionality added are working good with exiting one and there is no new problem in working code.Smoke tests are designed to confirm that changes in the code do function as expected and do not cause failure of the rest of an entire build.


Real Estate said...

who are perform the sanity and smoke testing and which one testing is performed first?
what are the major differnce between these two testing

EasyPharma said...

Smoke Testing : is testing the testability of software.
eg.if the screen/window has buttons over it here we check r they doing the intended things.

Sanity testing: is testing particular functionality or feature in depth.
eg.here we check if we installed a s/w is it creating a blank database.

raj.1402 said...

so you say smoke testing is to check the new code working with the other coding as before

is smoke test a kind of re-test

Brijesh said...

Yes, Smoke test is to test compatibility of new code with existing one , without any error.

Smoke testing is also a type of retesting the code(existing+new), to test whether it is working or not.

RAKESH said...

Hi Brijesh...
Just want to confirm one thing you said 'Smoke testing is also a type of retesting the code (existing+new), to test whether it is working or not.

then what is regressiom testing?
isn't regression testing.

Brijesh said...

Hi Rakesh,

If you will notice one thing, you will see that smoke test cases and regression test cases and almost same.

Regression test cases are subset of regular test cases, and smoke test cases are subset of regression test cases.

You may say that, selected regression test cases are run to test sanity, and then all regression test cases are executed.

still any question, please reply.

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