April 26, 2008

Database testing

Database testing is very important part of testing. Database testing is to test the database for integrity, security, redundancy etc. Database is always on target for hackers and others. You should always well test the database for security.

Other tests on database are for data,

-->There should be no loss of data when we save it.
-->Data limit allowed to save through UI should same; limit allowed by database.
--> Duplicate data should not saved
--> Right data should save in respective column in database, for example, there should not allowed to save characters in a column for integers.
--> Stored procedures should also tested

more depends on application.


Medix said...

Nice Info about DB Testing.Can you pls share some views how can we Perform DB testing on ERP Application

raja s said...

Hi Medix,

Have you got info about DB testing on ERP Application? If so, can you please share the info with me?

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